Pioneering lower-trophic fisheries with innovations to unlock the blue bioeconomic potential. 

SFI Harvest is a research-based innovation centre for developing new technology aimed at solving the global challenges of securing enough food for a growing population, in a sustainable way. 


SFI Harvest is a long-term, stable research collaboration between an interdisciplinary team of researchers, the fisheries, and bio-marine industries, technology suppliers and interest groups.


Latest news about the activities in the centre.


SFI Harvest’s six research areas include autonomous systems and sensor technology for data collection, ecosystem dynamics, digital decision support for fisheries, harvest technology and onboard processing, land-based processing and product development, and fisheries management and sustainable business models.

News from the centre

  • New blog from Kate Crosman
    New blog from Kate Crosman In this blog, Kate is writing about cognitive biases associated with processing information, and how they might influence the fishery for Calanus finmarchicus – a tiny plankton species that became a starting point for her research. The three-year fellowship issponsoredby theWorld Economic Forum’s Andre HoffmannFellowships for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Norwegian […]
  • SFI Harvest-dagene 2022
    28.-29. september var det igjen duket for SFI Harvest-samling, denne gang på Scandic Nidelven i Trondheim.
  • 2021 Annual Report
    SFI Harvest is in its second year, and the 2021 Annual Report is now ready.

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