Pioneering lower-trophic fisheries with innovations to unlock the blue bioeconomic potential. 

SFI Harvest is a research-based innovation centre for developing new technology aimed at solving the global challenges of securing enough food for a growing population, in a sustainable way. 

Enabling Norway to lead the technological development of the mesopelagic and low-trophic fisheries, creating new global market opportunities for the centre's industrial partners. 

The technologies developed will also support crossover solutions for today's commercial fisheries and for challenges such as removing plastics from the oceans.

Press play on the SFI Harvest video to learn more about the centre. Video by TYD.


  • Conduct fundamental and applied research to close key knowledge gaps and enable responsible commercial utilisation of underexploited marine resources.
  • Develop new competitive technologies to strengthen Norway’s global leading position in fisheries and marine expertise, and applied science.
  • Establish profitable biomarine value chains and business models which are evaluated according to social, biological, and economical sustainability requirements.
  • Explore cross-over applications to enable detection and collection of marine litter such as plastics.
  • Build knowledge and competence through educating at least 10 PhD candidates, 3 post docs and 20 MSc candidates.